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My teacher has Big Bang tickets 😭😭
My AP Gov teacher always gets these awesome tickets (I forgot how) for concerts, musicals, plays, sporting events. He sometimes gives out tickets for free to his students. Right now he's giving tickets for a concert featuring one direction, 5 seconds of summer, etc. like he's literally giving them to us for free, but we have to find them (he hides them throughout the room). The tickets he has for that concert ^ are for seats in the 3rd row +backstage passes to meet the artists. Today in class he was telling my friend about the tickets he currently has and I wasn't really listening until I heard my friend say "that Korean group?" and he responded saying something about the group coming to Anaheim on Sunday. Korean group+Anaheim+Sunday= Big Bang. Can you imagine the seats he probably has?! I bet they're probably in the first five rows! I want them so badly. but there's no way I could go see them. *cries*
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omfg....if I were there I would rip that class room apart until I found those tickets ..... πŸ˜ πŸ˜‚
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