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The Mighty Avocado! Seems to me that everywhere in the culinary world today, we find this beautiful tree-nut heralded for its many nutritional (and tasty) benefits!
Has a lot going for it...which is great, but for all of this SuperFood's SuperPowers, I just want it on my plate!
Crispy toasted Sour Dough lightly buttered topped with one half of a beautifully ripened avocado, sprinkled with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper and a little squirt of lemon juice - Creates a wonderful bed for the rest of these uber-fresh ingredients. Next, top with French-style (soft curd and fluffy) scrambled egg, fresh parsley and lightly seasoned organic cherry tomatoes... Now one can enjoy the yumminess and richness our green friend has to offer. *Cheers, Lovebugs!
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@jpbenedetto I had avocado this morning!!
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No worries @JPBenedetto I didn't even notice XD I love that cute photo at the top too!
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I had some yesterday. I think I need to give it a break now
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Mmmm! Delicious breakfast idea! :D Can't believe I just stumbled across this wonderful card now. Thanks for sharing Julie!! :D <3
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@allischaff - I'm glad you like it, my fellow foodie! You're very much Vingle's food guru! 馃槏馃挏XO!
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