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Yes, thank you @RosePark for the tag! ^^ I'll now choose one of my favorite sidekicks!! Hahah xD
It has to be Motsu from Negima!! Hahah I think he's pretty cool, funny, and can actually help you by judging your actions (well that's what I think anyway). Hahah but mostly because he's funny and weird xD
I learned the phrase "in a good way" thanks to him and believe me, I kept saying this phrase for an entire year ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ Well that's my pick so thanks again for the tag!!!
He is so adorable! A wonderful sidekick! :)
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@poojas hahaha thanks ^^
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Love that tie, now give him a french mustache and were good to go xD
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@RosePark hahaha that seems nice cx
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