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What was your first anime series and what is your (current) favorite anime?
You have to admit there was your first step into anime whether it was terrible or the best moment of your life we all had a first anime series. We also have a favorite we are currently watching/watched already. Tell me yours in the comments!
My first anime was Soul Eater and it was THE best anime I could ever watch for my first time!
My favorite one currently is Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works because of the action and because I love swords and weapons like that XD. (Just a side not if you do plan to watch it watch Fate Zero first it will make a lot of sense)
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My first was death note, and my favorite has been Black Butler for years, but Owari no Seraph is coming dangerously close to topping it.
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honestly I can't remember if it was DBZ or Inuyasha, but my favorite is JoJos bizarre adventure
2 years ago·Reply
Naruto or Pokemon ~ current would have to be Prison School
2 years ago·Reply
my first anime would be um...clannad..then clannad after story
2 years ago·Reply
Pokémon duh Who else???
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