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Hello New Vinglers!

My name is Pooja (@poojas) and I'm the moderator for the Vingle Anime Community. I just wanted to WELCOME ALL THE BRAND NEW VINGLERS that have joined the community!

Be sure to introduce yourself in the comments, so we can all get to know each other and talk about our love for anime!

The community is so happy to have you all join!

Let's talk anime and meet new Vingle friends!

Leave a comment saying hello and what your favorite anime series are! :)

We can't wait to meet all you new Vinglers! ^_^

P.S. Don't forget to participate in Otaku October!

Hi everyone ^^ I'm new to vingle, but I've been watching anime for as long as I can remember xD. a few of my MANY favorite anime series are Diabolik Lovers, Fullmetal Alchemist, Black Butler, Sword Art Online, Code Geass, and Fruits Basket. :D among others
I... *feels* love this place already! *pushes feels away* *vocaloid 0 serious mode* I loves Tokyo ghoul manga and the anime I loved steins gate and right now I'm currently am watching no game no life and diabolik lovers? (did I spell that right) I have a bunch I put on queue but haven't watched or need to watch because I'm so caught up in the manga world right now + school and otaku hermit life haha *pulls hoodie over head* よろしくお願いします(//∇//)U。・ェ・。U(´つヮ⊂) lets be good friends everyone!
Hey my favorite anime series right meow are one piece, death note, naruto shippuden, and SAO
konnichiwa I'm new to vingle but i love anime I am currently watching food wars , magi , junjo romantica and I just finished hunter x hunter .
oh my favorite anime is between Tokyo Ghoul and Magi: The labyrinth of magic
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