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Hello New Vinglers!

My name is Pooja (@poojas) and I'm the moderator for the Vingle Anime Community. I just wanted to WELCOME ALL THE BRAND NEW VINGLERS that have joined the community!

Be sure to introduce yourself in the comments, so we can all get to know each other and talk about our love for anime!

The community is so happy to have you all join!

Let's talk anime and meet new Vingle friends!

Leave a comment saying hello and what your favorite anime series are! :)

We can't wait to meet all you new Vinglers! ^_^

P.S. Don't forget to participate in Otaku October!

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hello I'm Damon my favorite anime as of present is no game no life and chrome shelled regios
hello my name is Patricia but I liked to be called patty. I joined to learn Japanese so I won't have to read sub titles or English dub because I want to understand japrenese. MY FAVORITE ANIME IS INUYASHA!!!!