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Boy Meets World is the most perfect show ever, but it's not just because of its perfect cast, hysterical script, and awesome family values. Boy Meets World tackles social issues with a seriousness that most shows avoid.
In season 4 episode 15 "Chick Like Me" Shawn dresses up like a girl for Corey who is writing an article for the school paper. We all know that Shawn is the pretty boy, the one who picks up a girl and then drops her the second someone new comes along. He is all about the one liners, playing the game, and getting as much as he can out of a girl.
And yet, in this episode Boy Meets World helps reveal just how fucked up the dating scene is; specifically how boys seem to think using and abusing girls is totally acceptable and actually seems to make you a ladies man. Towards the end of the episode the guy who is flirting with Shawn, or Veronica as his girl persona is called, makes it clear that he doesn't care what Shawn has to say because he is too busy trying to close the deal aka hook up. When Shawn gets upset, his date then calls him a lesbian (the obvious reaction to someone not wanting you) to which Shawn punches him in the face.
And rightfully so! I think it is awesome that a show geared towards adolescents went there aka showed the ridiculous ways society has allowed women to be treated. Men and women alike should be respecting eachother on dates, not just trying to closed the deal. Thankfully our adorable Shawn learned how to treat women by becoming one himself. So next time you think you're being an asshole, put yourself if that persons shoes, it might teach you something life changing.
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@KarlythePanda66 wait really !! I've been to afraid to watch I just want it to ROXK
2 years ago·Reply
@LizArnone totally, it's about Cody and Topanga's daughter. the most recent chapter touched the cyber bullying and it was so magnificently covered that my dad and my brother were crying.
2 years ago·Reply
@KarlythePanda66 ok you sold me im about to start watching !!
2 years ago·Reply
agreed it was an awesome show. I remember being a child and on friday nights it was on tgif on ABC network we always watched it
2 years ago·Reply
Omg, I actually vaguely remember this episode. This WAS a really great TV moment, especially for the time.
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