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So I was thinking for a fun October-themed Funny Community challenge, we could play Halloween Costume Show-And-Tell! All you need to do is post the picture of you in your costume, leave a little caption describing your outfit, and tag some of your Vingle friends!

What was your favorite Halloween costume of all time?

NOTE: If you don't live in a region of the world that celebrates Halloween (aka mostly everywhere except the States), feel free to post any funny photos of you in a costume, we'd love to see them - even if it wasn't on October 31st!
I'll start off with my entry! :)

This was me back in 2009 as a Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer!

I'm at a party on Halloween night with my old Starbucks co-workers, Laurie and Ryanne.
This was my favorite year because I was actually invited to TWO Halloween parties on the same exact night. For this first party, I was just a cutesy Mouseketeer with curly hair and bright makeup and my name ironed across my shirt.
But before the second party, I changed my makeup to look dead, put a face 'slice' in my throat with liquid latex and ripped tissues, and covered myself in fake blood. I became... DECAPITATED ZOMBIE MOUSEKETEER!

So now it's YOUR turn to share! Make a new card, post a photo, and share what YOUR favorite Halloween costume was!

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I don't usually dress up for Halloween but I've always wanted to be a China princess who is secretly a ninja fighting for her country. so long story short I want to be a ninja princess
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oooh this should be fun. I go all out every year for holloween. I don't usually do anything gore related (aka. fake blood/open wounds) cuz i don't like it, but I'm expanding my repertoire to include more gross things this year ...hopefully lol. I'm doing a challenge on instagram with my friend to do 31 holloween looks for each day of Oct. So far so good.
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@shannonl5 HEREE YOU GOooo~~~
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Yessssssssss do it, @TessStevens.
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