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So I was thinking for a fun October-themed Funny Community challenge, we could play Halloween Costume Show-And-Tell! All you need to do is post the picture of you in your costume, leave a little caption describing your outfit, and tag some of your Vingle friends!

What was your favorite Halloween costume of all time?

NOTE: If you don't live in a region of the world that celebrates Halloween (aka mostly everywhere except the States), feel free to post any funny photos of you in a costume, we'd love to see them - even if it wasn't on October 31st!
I'll start off with my entry! :)

This was me back in 2009 as a Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer!

I'm at a party on Halloween night with my old Starbucks co-workers, Laurie and Ryanne.
This was my favorite year because I was actually invited to TWO Halloween parties on the same exact night. For this first party, I was just a cutesy Mouseketeer with curly hair and bright makeup and my name ironed across my shirt.
But before the second party, I changed my makeup to look dead, put a face 'slice' in my throat with liquid latex and ripped tissues, and covered myself in fake blood. I became... DECAPITATED ZOMBIE MOUSEKETEER!

So now it's YOUR turn to share! Make a new card, post a photo, and share what YOUR favorite Halloween costume was!

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every year I'm a zombie but all my pictures are on my computer not my phone. I always make my own makeup and make it look better each year. Last year I terrorized Suwon South Korea... some saw me and were petrified...others ran like hell. Some pushed their friend at me and turned and ran...others grabbed their friends and tried to save them ( and I was just walking... not talking or chasing). After the shock wore off many came to get a selfie with me ㅋㅋㅋ
@danidee you look a-mous-ing
I may dress up as Willy Wonka if luck is on my side, @danidee.
I was thinking of dressing up this year for work but I remembered, I'm taking vacation during Halloween this year.
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