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1. The Muscle

Kim Jong Kook (famous for Running Man)- He's strong, fast, beautiful, and sings well. This guy will not lose!

2. The Brains

Jo Se Ho (Roommates) - Not only is this guy hilarious, he's also a mini-genius, which also makes him adorably awkward.

3. The Scaredy Cat

Ah Mo Ne (Lee Da Hae - Hotel King) - She was afraid of birds, of Lee Dong Wook's character, of her own potential...gosh. Love her though - she never gives up!

4. The Secret Weapon

Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun - My Love From Another Star) - Uh, who couldn't use a alien that can stop time and your heart simultaneously? He also breaks things with his mind!

5. The Mother

Shin Sung Woo (Roommate Season 1) - They literally called him Shin 엄마 that season; he cooks, cleans, & nags just like a real mom but more handsome and more like a sexy single neighbor!

6. The Co Captain

Yoon Eun Hye - She's the definition of B.A. (yes, that's her with TOP) the only person who even comes close to her is Gong Hyo Jin, whom I adore. Have you ever seen Eun Hye in her glory days on XMan? Click - you're welcome
I don't know enough K-pop people :(
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Tiger is my muscle too