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okay so today was club rush at my school. My friend and I decided that for our senior year we should make a Kpop club so we did. I was hiding my face behind the poster so many times so that I wouldn't see who the mean looks and comment were coming from. I don't want that negativity around here. I saw many people give us looks and say stuff. I wasn't embarrased. I love kpop. I just didn't want to feel hurt from their comments
anyways... I met this really cute guy. To be honest, I thought he was signing up just to sign up and make fun of us. This happened my freshman year and I wasn't going to let that happen again. So I asked him what groups he liked. He said B.A.P and Big Bang. I gave him a high five and he told me he listens to Outsider too! I have never met a person in my life that likes Outsider. I was so happy but then my friebd came and we weren't able to talk much. but yeahhh. wahhh. so happy
This day went well. We got a good amount of people to sign up and it makes me so happy. The people who signed up were just so cute~
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You go girl!! I'm glad to hear that you got a kpop club going on and you met a guy with the same kpop interests at you! You never know they'll probably end up being your significant other (; lol