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SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Y'ALL ALREADY KNOW......24K MADE A COMEBACK THAT SLAYED THIS NOONA. But there were other releases this week that are noteworthy in their own right...... *ahem*
Queen Ailee returned with Insane.....featuring body rolls that drove errybody insane ʘ‿ʘ but I'm getting ahead of myself. These are my picks for the week. So without further ado....LEGGO.
24K__SUPER FLY 24K__OASIS MY BABIES KILLED IT. If you have not downloaded their mini album I strongly suggest you do so. Oasis has to be my favorite track off this album. ITS SOOOOO GOOD. You MUST listen to it or we're not friends anymore.
MONSTA X__HERO Wonhoooooooo......SHOWNUUUUUUU (╥_╥)(╥_╥)(╥_╥) YOU'RE KILLING ME. Highly HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this mini if you haven't checked it out.
AILEE__MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AILEE__INSANE There is a chick in her crew with a chainsaw.....a muthaf*ckin CHAINSAW.....I thought I was the only chick crazy enough to go all Leatherface to defend my girls....so of course I dug this release. I have yet to check out the album in it's entirety.....but I shall soon. Insane..... drove me insane and I loved it. You can't deny Ailee.
JAY PARK FT HOODY __SOLO This song was released last week and was on last Fridays New Music Friday AND Sunday Slow Jams but the MV is new.....definitely check it out. I LOVE IT.
KIM MIN JAE x SOLAR of Mamamoo__STAR [Twenty Again OST] This kid is soooooooooooooo dreamy. But that's not why I chose this. I chose this because I like his tone. After watching him on SMTM 4, I think he's more than just a pretty face. I think he's talented and should definitely get some recognition as an MC. Mamamoo be killin it with the features they've been doing lately too.
AOORA & HOIK FT TAEYEON of She'z__MORNING AFTERNOON EVENING I looooooooove Aoora.....he's either doing the sugary cutesy stuff or X-Rated provocative stuff. There's no in between with him. And I dig that about him.
SIK-K FT CRUCIAL STAR & TAYLOR__UNTITLED SIK-K FT DONUTMAN & ELO__WHAT THE HELL Now this feels good on the ears. Its laid back, soothing, but still so cool. And the features... Crucial Star AND Elo???? (❁´▽`❁) My ears are fangirling.
YANG DA IL FT CANDLE__STAY WITH ME YANG DA IL__THINK A gem that's come out of Brand New Music.....I fell in love with this man's vocals (and his jawline) awhile back. I love love LOVE this release.
iKON__AIRPLANE I'm feeling this lazy, chill, autumn vibe. Surprisingly I was feeling this more than Rhythm Ta.
So here's some Wonho....just for good measure. Happy Friday, children.
I WAS FEELING AIRPLANE MORE THAN RHYTHM TA TOO. Which is weird because YOU KNOW ME and you know I go for the swaggy jamz, but Airplane is swaggy in like... a slow swaggy way...?
BAHAHAHA I'm dying. I will give you a Junhoe to go.
@danidee How can you deny JUNHOE'S VOICE??? Id bias just his voice if he hadn't gotten at me with that diva attitude.... and his comments about food....fugghedabouddit, wrap that boy up....I'll take him To-Go please.
My bias going into IKON was Jinhwan, but now I'm like JINHWAN.. NO JUNHOE.. OMG DONGHYUK.. BUT JINHWAN..
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