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I been having a blast just trying to learn how to use this app (get it lol ^^^) and I learned a lot, to anyone that sees this, just know that this spirit gun means this (blog? Pseudo-flipboard? pseudo-Tumblr? You get the idea.) account is gonna start taking off.
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@Jak91 really! I was kind of sad it didn't leave an opening for another season.... but it did feel kind of conclusive to me. What didn't you like?
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@shannonl5 it was just the mini cliff hanger I mean they were the characters you get attached to, ya know? and I just wanted a confirmation that after they split up that they were happy. and that they had happy endings. you know what I mean?
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@shannonl5 instead it was just, goodbye and best wishes kind of thing.
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@Jak91 makes sense. I was definitely a little bit heartbroken when it was over
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@shannonl5 me too
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