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Hello my fellow and new Fairy Tail fans out in the anime community. My name is Bianca and I'm a big fan of Fairy Tail, it is my 2nd favorite anime series after Inuyasha. My Top two favorite characters are Natsu and Gajeel. I ship NaLu, Jerza and GaLe (love these two)!
I just wanted to say hi to the people I know @NerukaWong and @corinazurk who like Fairy Tail! And I want to welcome all the new Fairy Tail fans that I don't know! @MizukiDreyar10 @gabriellacerny @jdude237 @HannahPrentiss @KyrstinBowles @merryjayne13 @chris98vamg @loftonc6 @SeintoSeiya @TrinityNorris @Sierrawilson16 @AshleyJewell @NaiGrey @Sakura0425 @erzascarlet8258 @MizukiDreyar10 I hope we all get along and let me know what other animes you are interested in...
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@biancadanica98 Dang it... wrote an 18 chapter fanfic for nothing xD
@Bessie2123 lol XD Yea most people root for either NaLu or Gruvia. So...
Yay! I love Fairy Tail! I love inuyasha too! That's the first anime I ever watched besides a little bit of Naruto...but yay I really ship NaLu too they're the best ship ever!!
@Samma14 Yay new best friend lol!
I worship fairy tail... nalu gale jerza r my favoriate