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I noticed a lot more people in our lovely family of self-improvers and wanted to throw out a quick introduction so we can get to know each other! I'm very happy to have fond a home in this community this year. I am really excited to be seeing a lot more people communicating their fears, triumphs and concerns here. We do not go through anything alone in this community. We are a family! We support, encourage and empower each other. This is not one of those happy go lucky places on the internet where everyone ignores their issues and pretends they know everything. This place is hopeful, but completely real, raw and open for all. I have been inspired by you all. Your stories. Your support and your strength. I'm constantly impressed by the amazing people on Vingle! It's a beautiful thing!
So... I wanted to put this out there, for anyone who is

Lost Confused Feeling Down Happy Sad Indifferent Depressed Anxious Questioning things or Feeling Great, but looking for more.

The Self Improvement Community on Vingle will be here to help!
I wanted to throw this question out to all of you writing your own cards, reading others' and interacting for a better understanding of the self, working towards an ultimate goal of happiness:

What do you want to improve on? What do you want to make better? What kind of cards will help you the most?

We're all here to help each other! So, please, leave a comment below, talk and share.

Let's get better together.

Welcome to the Vingle Self-Improvement community! If you've been here a while, thank you for your support, your courage, your guidance and all around amazing stories.

Don't worry, you've got this.

A special shout out to all the awesome self-improvers! You guys rock!

@ButterflyBlu @TerrecaRiley @Arellano1052 @JPBenedetto @InPlainSight @LizArnone @JordanHamilton @DeadlyCyanide @buddyesd @alywoah @tayunnie @marichel @jcl4rks0n @myguardian @Julitta1207 @StaciSweet @KhrystinaLee @rodiziketan @allischaaff @lavonyork And many many more! Tag your friends from our lovely community and join me in welcoming our new friends :) If you know somebody out there searching for something, please share our community! They just might find what they're looking for: happiness, peace or just a good laugh. All is fair in love and self-improvement :)
XO @TessStevens a fake Self-Help Guru who is just trying to get through it like the rest of us. XD If you have any questions please leave them below. Welcome! And please, introduce yourself!
My eyes fill with tears as I read this.Thank you for the tag,t'is an honor...I just prayed about this not too long ago.Sigh...I guess that's my method. I wanna have determination and a purpose-a plan.I love all the cards that relate to self-improvement and love and relationship.I love to learn and I love to teach through experience
Thax! so sweeeeet card. Self-esteem, that is my huge problem. Without fakes, I'll do ma best to improve n protect my own
because I have brain injury, I would like to improve my social skills and control of my reactions so that I dont exclude myself & miss out on things.
I have a lot of things i want to improve!! I want to be healthier, more active, less procrastination, push myself to do better, and to sincerely try my hardest and not give up!! one of my teachers accused me of giving up (which I did) and it seriously opened my eyes to how many opportunities I'd been given and not taken advantage of!! I want to use my time well and use as much of it as I can. GOOD LUV TO EVERYONE AND I HOPE YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS AND IF YOU DONT DONT FEEL DOWN ITS HARD TO ACHIEVE THESE GOALS SHORT OR LONG TERM ITS VERY HARD BUT WERE HERE TO SUPPORT VINGLE FAM UNITE 馃憡馃憡
Thank you for the tag, @TessStevens. This was a very sweet card. Within the past year, I have improved a lot as far as self-love is concerned. However, I'd like to improve that even more. I want to love my body MORE and wholeheartedly -- everything from my stretchmarks to my hair.
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