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This woman is beyond believable. To turn a simple meet and greet into her holy grail. I would have been humbled and very lucky to have met The Pope. I sure and the hell wouldn't assumed or lead people to assume. She made a fool of herself.
Her meeting the Pope was more like this meme here.
Me too :) @chosenknight!
woooww really? I love it lol
Hahaha yeah I just read the news! It seemed the media painted the wrong picture of their meeting. The Pope was not there to meet her, only to tell her she’s going about things VERY wrong. Love the meme! @ChosenKnight I think he really was :)
seriously though are we even surprised by her grandstanding anymore?? I really hope he was just trying to talk some sense into her lol
Ugh I wrote about this too. She is a jerk and shouldn't have met with the Pope. Bad news man. Bad news! https://www.vingle.net/posts/1093614-That-Jerk-Kim-Davis-Met-The-Pope-And-You-Didn-t