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Oh man, I had to post this because it reminded me of @RobertMarsh so hard. One does not simply perform their own stunts while intoxicated.
my wife is a nurse... I love this ㅋㅋ
@danidee I think you should go too. You know what, nursing is actually what my mom really wanted to be and I'm proud to full filled her dreams.
@danidee I'm working in Intensive Care Unit for the past 6 years and I really love my job. It's a blessing when we see people survive from the disease and say 'thank you' to us
I understand how you feel when comes to this kind of situation and you must be a strong girl that can face all problems with smile on your face like nothing ever happens.
@MabelAvery If I were a nurse, I think I'd really like to be an oncology nurse or a nurse in an infusion/transfusion center. My parents both had cancer at different times in their lives, and I feel like I've spent a lot of time in advocacy.
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