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Annyeong everyone! Hows your day been so far? I dunno if you guys know but I love INFINITE! So naturally I was ecstatic for the Infinite version of screenshot games hoping that SungGyu and I would live a happy married life with 4 kids. Lets see how it turns out then....
Best Friend : Hoya
And He's also my crush.
Secret Admirer : DongWoo yay!
Takes you on a date : Hoya
Takes you on a dream vacation : Hoya. Florida here I come!
Wants you to tour with him : MyungSoo. Ahh shincha! Daebak. The L wants to take me on the tour with him! I can finally meet SungGyu now
Jealous one : SungJong. Waeyeo? You're still a baby SungJongie. Don't worry ill still play with you oori maknae
Weites a ballad for you : Nam Bunny. I think im gonna be in heaven. I hope WooHyun sings it for me too
Breaks your Heart : Hoya.... B-but you took me out for a date a-and we even went on a vacation. Why would you do such a heartless thing Howon
My crush broke my heart. my secret admirer just dissappeared and cute little maknae is jealous. L comes out of nowhere and we're happily married with lots of kids :)
No SungGyu anywhere....sigh But im married to MyungSoo so I guess I shud be happy Not the result I was hoping for but still fun nonetheless. @AimeeH
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@adikiller I'm so sorry you didn't get your bias! I love your results though! Thank you for participating!