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Supposedly Big Bang memeber Seungri was seen with a female who was reported to be his friend. Sources say that Seungri has been partying and was out and about with this girl. Maybe it's shameful in Korean culture to be out with a male during certain hours, so maybe that's why ppl are going crazy about this mysterious female friend and wondering why Seungri is out partying. Anyhow I have below two articles. One from and the other from article.....
Okay, Seungri is flirty by nature. He's a grown man and enjoys talking with ppl. He's always flirting. Maybe they are concerned cuz he left with a car full of women....hum....I wonder if that's true. I haven't seen any pictures. If he was turned up or charged up like they sat he was in the middle of the street someone had to get a picture. CTFU "beautiful and well-endowed" so it's a crime to be with a pretty girl.
My thoughts....I know Korean culture is different than American culture. Young famous ppl go home with women everyday. That's normal to us. BUT...Seungri is a grown man. That statement should be enough.
Seungri like....whatever, turn up, I'm still rich and good looking LOL

What yall think?

Yeah I read about this. Seriously they need to understand that that is his privacy. To be honest I really don't care the he was seen with a girl, just like I don't care if GD is back with his ex. Like I said that is their private life. I love their music. Someone tell the stupid media to report that!!!
I agree! He is a grown man so unless your his 엄마 or 어빠 you shouldnt be worried about who hes with out what hes doing
Leave Seungri Alone
I think it's totally fine. Honestly I only think that people who see him as a hardcore bias would get mad or something like that but I seriously don't see the problen with idol trying to live there own life, like, leave them alone.
My advice Just be safe man. Sorry but in my opinion and my personal life I kick it with guys more, why because some girls I kick it with are way to much for me they talk in a language I really don't care about.. And for me is funner with the boys lol something they gossip but to me thire gossip is funny and we'll guys are more open minded when I tell them about situations. Most do listen to me. and most respect me. 😆 some very few brats dont.😛😜.. but its okay... They later come back and say you were right lol But girls in the other hand they can sure hold on to grunges like wow... lol its scary sometimes...😱😱 ... Lol
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