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Why so Serious?
Supposedly Big Bang memeber Seungri was seen with a female who was reported to be his friend. Sources say that Seungri has been partying and was out and about with this girl. Maybe it's shameful in Korean culture to be out with a male during certain hours, so maybe that's why ppl are going crazy about this mysterious female friend and wondering why Seungri is out partying. Anyhow I have below two articles. One from and the other from article.....
Okay, Seungri is flirty by nature. He's a grown man and enjoys talking with ppl. He's always flirting. Maybe they are concerned cuz he left with a car full of women....hum....I wonder if that's true. I haven't seen any pictures. If he was turned up or charged up like they sat he was in the middle of the street someone had to get a picture. CTFU "beautiful and well-endowed" so it's a crime to be with a pretty girl.
My thoughts....I know Korean culture is different than American culture. Young famous ppl go home with women everyday. That's normal to us. BUT...Seungri is a grown man. That statement should be enough.
Seungri like....whatever, turn up, I'm still rich and good looking LOL

What yall think?

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he's grown...leave him be
2 years ago·Reply
Let him live his life. I just want to listen to their music and follow their posts on instagram.
2 years ago·Reply
I think it's totally fine. Honestly I only think that people who see him as a hardcore bias would get mad or something like that but I seriously don't see the problen with idol trying to live there own life, like, leave them alone.
2 years ago·Reply
Lord Jesus... Again? He's going to do what he wants to do anyway so why does anyone care? Culture or not he's grown. And he's been grown for awhile. All of BigBang are adult men. Let them live. Geez. It's not that damn serious nor will it ever be.
2 years ago·Reply
People need to chill out about him. He's a grown and and can do what he wants as long as it's not hurting anyone.
2 years ago·Reply