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you definitely have a point @butterflyblu. with all the media on how bad cops are, we rarely hear about the good ones. and not all of them are terrible people. I鈥檓 sure your husband was a great man. <3
@nicolejb *hug* thank you. He really was... And his fellow cops on the squad were like family. They all treat each other the way a bunch of siblings would. We all got together for holidays and birthdays and everything. (Any excuse for a beer and Food!) Are they perfect? No. None of us have the ability to achieve perfection. But they're good people.
I was referring to the title, but it's fine. I don't mean to snap at you. I'm sorry. :( It's just a Huge hot spot for me. I was married to a cop. I'm now widowed. I hear a LOT of people over here (Ca) talking like all cops are awful, racist asshats. Between that and watching the mess happening in our country, I feel sick to my stomach. We all (Americans) just have to remember that it's always true that the bad kids get more attention that the good ones. You know? So thanks for posting something positive. It was just the title. >.< Again, I'm sorry!
thats pretty much what i just said
I'm not trying to be an ass right now... But Not ALL cops are racist. Yes, some are. Yes, some are bad people. But not all.