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so I'm one of the leaders of Anime Club at my school and my friend and I have been trying to come up with ideas of how to fundraise because if we fundraise enough, we'll be able to go to an Anime convention called Wasabi Con
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The sponsored fundraisers will usually take a large percentage of the funds you raise, but you can do creative, inexpensive things to keep all funds that you raise. Sell singing or candy grams...singing grams don't cost you anything and candy grams might cost a couple bags of individually wrapped candies and cardstock printer paper (which you might be able to find someone willing to donate). My high school art club also did fundraisers like: hire-a-helping-hand (we'd carry someone's books for them for $2 a day...1997, so consider inflation, lol); hat day (can be arranged with the school admins, to wear hats in school for $1) or other minor "break dress code" days that your school might approve; or hold a cake walk (request donated cakes, or Little Debbie's cakes for a kids' cake walk) at a larger school function like Fall Festival.
thank you guys for all these nice and amazing ideas ^-^ if you want, you can message more on my Facebook Anime Club page and I'll talk with my co president about these ideas ^-^
Kiss-a-pig contests are always fun too. Put large pickle jars (can probably get some from school lunch room) out for every teacher and administrator in the school and people can drop their pocket change in. When it gets close to the final day of the contest, teachers will start stuffing pots to keep from having to kiss the pig themselves!
@BeannachtOraibh I love that! I have no idea where to get a pig though...
@shannonl5 Farmers usually don't mind loaning a piglet...but I live in a very rural area. If you live in a city, you might have to call your local agriculture agent to find out where you could get one. A pet store might even loan one, idk.