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Finally, Part Two of the story is here!!! I tried to make the wait worthwhile. So in this part there will be rejection, arguments, and a new character in our little story... Hope you enjoy!!! If you haven't read the first part here's a link
He looked so happy but why wasn't I saying anything?? Thoughts drifted back to the night before the wedding where I spent my last night as single with my best friend, G-Dragon. *Flashback*
"Why are you taking pictures of me again?" I asked for the 3rd time after no receiving an answer. "Do I need a reason? Its because your so pretty and that this may be the last time I'll be able to think that." He replied while licking his lips in the most sexiest way. "Hey!! Stop that...I'm getting married tomorrow remember?" Please don't stop..god what is happening with me??
His expression slouched after hearing that, "Oh riiiggghhhtt.. Aiish!! Marriage is the worst you know??" "Don't be like that GD.." "Why not? Do you know how good your cooking is?", he asked while eating the meal I prepared for us. I laughed and play punched him, "Figures that would be the only thing you care about." *Flashback End*
I was still in my spot as I looked around at all the smiling faces and suddenly felt queasy. I took a deep breath and said, "I need to use the bathroom!!" And I sprinted down the aisle ignoring the murmurs and perplexing gazes that followed me. I managed to run outside to catch my breath..
Until G-Dragon came running out behind me and grabbed my arm. "Let go!!" I demanded with very little strength. "Why are you doing this?" He looked at me like he was so disappointed. Did he want me to marry Daesung? He couldn't have. "Answer me!! Why didn't you choose him?" I flinched at the force of his words. I yanked my arm free. "Are you really asking that question? Its because of you. Its all because of you." He was silent which scared me. I grabbed his hands, " Ji-yong I choose you." He closed his eyes and murmured, "You made the wrong choice then. I don't want you and I certainly don't love you... You had your chance at love and you blew it." As he turned away he was met with Daesung's fist.
"You have the nerve to reject the woman who left me to confess her love to you?? You dumb bastard... Could you possibly embarrass me more?" G-Dragon chuckled as he got up, "I guess not since you're already at the bottom." "Why you little!!" Daesung swung again but GD was ready and dodged it. A minute later they were on the ground scuffling. Until..
I saw a tall figure race out of the building and he took my breath away to say the least. He looked at them with a sad gaze but made no move to stop them. He spotted me and walked over.
Sorry my name is TOP. Please forgive my friends and their rudeness. To be acting like this in the presence of a woman like you is truly disrespectful. "Stay out of it TOP!!" Daesung and GD both excalimed. They had managed to separate and were now breathing heavily at each other and staring at the strange man in front of me. "Looks like you guys finally stopped playing." TOP said with a smirk. "But that still doesn't excuse you from acting in such a manner." GD looked at me and then at TOP, "TOP what are you doing?"
He turned to me and stared straight in my eyes..."Let me swoop you away and be your knight in shining armor. Will you come with me?"
Plot twist lol. Look like we have a new player in this story... I'm not sure when Part 3 will come out but I will let you know!!! Hope you enjoyed. @glostick @AimeeH @Marilovexoxo @raenel @tayunnie @DenieceSuit @otakukpopgirl Here you go!!
Holy......what......when did.......ummm......yah @wllmvns you have me giggling like a school girl over here!!!! lol I love it unnie!!!!
You can sweep me away TOP! I want to ride away with you on your majestic white horse! She doesn't know how to love you like I do.... *kisses screen* <3
@glostick lol thank you noona!! <3 @raenel Thank you
@DenieceSuit Sorry but I promise it'll get better ;) @AristaJ Thank you!! I will tag you when the next part comes up :)
Let me just grab some marshmallow , gramcrackers and chocolate to toast.
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