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I really liked this manhwa. It had many elements of a k-drama so if you like those you should definitely read it!!! It's kinda long but I think it's worth it. :) Summary of Love in the mask: Suh Hyun-bin grew up under the cruel hand of street gangsters, but after her little brother dies, Hyun-bin runs away and is taken in by a rich family to be trained to become a bodyguard. However, she must hide that she is a female, and pose as a man. And so, for eight years, she grows up as a cold, male, bodyguard. It looks like she will be this way forever-until a fateful encounter with Lee Yun-ha shakes her very foundations, and leaves her conflicting wither herself, as her feelings of love clash against her feelings of duty. (credit to wiki)
I cried at the end @KathyCrew. I loved it also
I loved this one