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The muscle; Jackson of Got7

Jacksons' muscles are the best out there. I'm not even guilty. He'd definitely be the muscle of the group.

The brains; Kim Junmyeon aka Suho of Exo

I feel like Suho would be the best to take the roll mostly because he always puts everyone first and is always positive.

The scaredy cat; BamBam of Got7.

I don't even know. He was the first to come to mind xD Even if he now looks like an insanely adorable stripper.

The secret weapon; Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee would fit this role so much, it's not even funny. He's scrawny but really strong and he's my favorite martial artist of all time.

The Protector/Mother; Xiumin of Exo.

Xiumin is very caring and is strong as well. I feel that this role would fit him well.

The Co-captain; Rap Monster of BTS.

Rap Monster is very smart and is a really good leader. He's only always been amazing and is always above others when getting criticized.
Well this is My zombie squad c: @kpopandkimchi
Bruce Lee 😂😂😂😂😂 I love it!!!
Good choices