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So many new Vinglers! EEEEEKKK!! SO COOL! SO COOL SO COOL!!! So far I've met.... 57 new Vinglers and is waiting to meet more! ____________________________ For the new Vinglers out there, my name's Neruka but call me any name you want!! As long as you tell me what you're calling cause if you don't, I won't know who're speaking too, haha! I'm a hardcore anime fan and a rocking kpop fan, both I had my friends and family to drag me into. I like EVERYTHING!! And love alot of things, too! Except big egos, and meanies! I'm childish at times and I tend to blurt things out....which happens more than once....but I love youuuuu anyways!!


I'm always and very happy, just like Happy! hahaha (pun to hard not to make)
I like hugs. Alot. Like in real life, I hugged 7 people in a day. Accomplishment cause I make them smile. *proud*
I can legit walk out the street, singing 'Gee' in a pink skirt once. I'm not that easy to be embarrassed....unless it involves taking pictures and recording videos....
HAPPY SPREADER HERE!! ALONG WITH HAPPINESS CREW!! YAHHHH!! (*whispers*i just made the name up, but tell me if you wanna join.. we have cookies!)
I question my friends' motives to make me do things. Unless its doing the Phoenix. *points if you know what reference* Not normal things, really questionable things. Like who goes out to the mall at 1 pm?! On a perfectly good Saturday I can spend writing anime fanfiction and screeching along to kpop!
my sass is uncontrollable. because my friends rubbed off on me, but who cares?!
small or big. innocence or crime. Remember that I love you. no matter what time. (made that up in 4 minutes)
To sum it up, I'm a lovable girl who screams and screeches to songs and I hug, laugh, blurt things out alot. Hope to be considered in one of your friends and of course.... WELCOME TO THE VINGLE FAMILYYY!! Food emojis would be provided but I'm on my laptop so um. Fun Fact: I should've done this card 2 month ago cause I legit just barged in here and just started fangirling with you guys...
Aww you are precious for making this adorable and welcoming card!!!
@allischaaf :)) Alli, you are welcomed in the happiness crew anytime you want!! BTS!! Who's your bias? Mine's the untamable, grumpy Spirit Animal Suga!
@NerukaWong Hi you already know me as a fellow Fairy Tail fan, and I would love to be a part of the Happiness Crew! I really love anime and K-pop, especially SHINee and GOT7!
Awww Suga!! So cute and grumpy hehe 馃槅馃槅馃槅 @NerukaWong I just can't get over that adorable heartbreaker Jungkook... Especially in the Dope Mv 馃槏馃槏馃槏
@NerukaWong Hiiii! This is so adorable!!! :D I would like to be in the happiness crew hehehe 馃槃馃槃馃槃 I'm Alli, I'm just getting into K-pop but I looove BTS! I loved that pic haha. Nice to meet youuu 馃槃馃槅馃榿