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Lucario is a fighting for his kingdom ,and his master decides to put Lucario in this magic wand and trap him over thousand years. One day Ash enters a pokemon tournament and wins the battles and hold the magic wand sitting next to the queen .Lucario awakens and noticed Ash soul was same color as his master and comes out of the magic wand . He noticed it was not his master and every thing looked different than originally in his time and Ash noticed his partner Pikachu was missing as well. Lucario decides to find his master with Ash and his friends to the tree of life .Once they got there they noticed that mew was connected to the tree of life . All of them travel to the center of the tree of life and discovered that his master has given up his life to the tree of life to balance nature to peace , Lucario had to give up his life to the tree of life because he had same power as his master so he did and balance the tree of life again. Ash found his partner Pikachu and Lucario saw his master again and they became legends to remember a life time. I cry at the end of the movie.
all fixed
I will go back and fix it
It was the movie and I have seen it multiple time to remember from beginning to end of the movie
Sounds like a feelsy kind of movie TT
@Sunflower18 Noooo, I really liked the description. I was talking about the actual movie! Please add mored descriptions like that in your cards. I love reading them! :)