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Welcome to the haunted house.... .................where vampires, zombies, and werewolves come out to play.... [insert dramatic music here]
This is game is created by @kpopandkimchi
1: The Muscle... Kris (Wu Yifan) Solo artist, ex member of EXO
2: The Brains... Ok Taecyeon of 2PM
3: The Scaredy Cat... Tao solo artist, ex member of EXO
4: Secret Weapon..... Lee Joon actor, solo artist, ex member of MBLAQ
5: Protector/Mother.... Jackson of GOT7
6: The Co-Captain...... T.O.P. of BIGBANG
This took me forever to figure out!!! So, many people I want to include in this but not enough space. Oh, well! I hope this is good enough to make it! :)
I like your choices!
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Taecyeon is Brains of the group also. I find Lee Joon an interesting choice for secret's a good one.
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@JaxomB I figured it would be unexpected. :)
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