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Wanted to do this because of course I love Exo and all these challenges♡

Day 1 Exo K Bias:

I love all of Exo K♡ But of course my UB is my adorable love and sunshine Park Chanyeol♥♡♥

Day 2 Exo M Bias:

This is another hard one because I love all of Exo m but I have to choose my adorable yet extremely attractive angel face panda baby Tao♡♥♡

Day 3 Favorite Music Video:

This was probably the hardest choice ever! I love pretty much all of there music videos especially Call me baby korean and Chinese version and Love me right but I have to choose WHAT IS LOVE because that is my all time favorite song♡♥
I love everything about this card! ♡
this card makes me happy!