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I woke up two hours later and Melanie was still asleep with her mouth slightly parted. I got out of bed and walked towards the door. Just as I grabbed the door knob I heard a small yawn. I looked back and saw Melanie sitting up and rubbing her eyes. She looked at me and said, "I'm so hungry! Make me food!" I giggled at her since she is swaying her arms. I nodded and mumbled an 'okay' before opening the door and making my way to the kitchen. I decided to make toast and eggs for the both of us. After breakfast I got up and did the dishes when Melanie came running in and screaming and flailing her arms as if she were flying, "Lets go to the park!!" I giggled at her and went upstairs to shower. I decided to wear short shorts with a muscle shirt and a flannel with black converse and a side braid to tie it all up. I got my phone and camera and went downstairs. When I got there, Melanie was already there. We set out on our walk towards the park laughing occasionally. This is a good way to forget about it all. As we got there I saw a familiar face... My mother. I immediately hid behind a tree. My Mother is one of those people you just want to avoid. She's a drug dealer and recently she only comes home for when she needs money. Who does she get it from? My cheating father. Perfect family right? I'm pretty happy actually. I have my sister and she gives me so much happiness even if sometimes I just want to walk away from her (not really). As I saw her pass I let go of Melanie's hand and she went running towards the swing set. As I saw her start swinging I took the opportunity to take pictures of her then I sat on the swing next to hers and started swinging as well. The rest of the day consisted of giggling, talking, and then getting ice cream. By the time we have gotten home, Melanie was asleep on my back. I got in the house making sure to lock the door and entered the living room to where I made my way towards Melanie's room. Just as I was about to open the door Melanie started mumbling things I couldn't quite understand but I did catch her saying, "Lemme sleep with you." I agreed since recently she has been having nightmares. I walked upstairs and opened my door. I got in and closed the door as I made my way to my queen sized bed. I laid Melanie down and she snuggled against the pillow. I took off her shoes and placed them on the floor. I made my way to my desk and took off my camera from around my neck. I looked at the pictures of Melanie and I together and giggled. We made so many funny faces and so many weird things. One caught my eye, it was of her in the swing set. Her hair flowed perfectly and she looked like a small angel. I smiled and decided to sketch it out in a form of an angel. After a while I looked at the clock and saw that it was 2 in the morning. I got up from my chair and went towards my bed after turning off the lamp. Just as I was losing consciousness I felt something on my forehead and I heard the words, "You'll be okay, and your heart won't hurt."
oh my that's deep
love it ♡♡♡♡