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"I love Eva but I hate Shinji" "Shinji is the worst character in anime history" "I love Eva, but it would be so much better if Shinji wasn't annoying" Those are well known things that most Eva fans will say. Not all, but a lot of the Evangelion fanbase hates Shinji. I am here to defend Shinji. Yeah Shinji whines a lot but you need to realize he's only 14 years old, his mother is dead and has a Father that pretty much abandoned him. He's a human being, so it's going to affect him a lot. Ok so Shinji has realistic emotions and characteristics, does that bother you that he isn't some super strong, smart main character? Come one be real here, put yourself in his shoes! He's just living a normal life and then bam all of a sudden he's held the responsibility of piloting an Eva to save the world. That's bound to have some strain on him, and as the series goes on, the psychological strain just gets larger. I really hope everyone can see my argument here. Thanks for reading. Anime;Neon Genesis Evangelion
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But he still has all those creepy feelings for the girls he's with. like that final scene in the movie...