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A few weeks have passed and Amber and I haven't talked. Whenever she's near I usually end up walking away from her. It actually hurts and I don't know why. Meanwhile, the contest is coming up and I don't know what to do. Amber and I are enlisted as the duet partners and I can't do anything about it. Today was the day I would stop ignoring her. As much as I tried denying it, it hurt so much and I didn't know why. Theatre arts came and I was more than nervous. Should I pretend like I'm over it? Should I ask her if it meant anything to her? Should I just keep ignoring her? Should I confront her? Ah. What the heck am I doing?. This is dumb. I ignored my nervousness and I saw her coming in. We made eye contact for a few seconds when she looked away and walked the other way. I guess today isn't the day to talk to her. I looked down at my new set of lyrics of the song. Ey, ey, yeah Cut to the chase we don't gotta play no games The beating of my heart Just tell me if you feel the same, This feeling is true Yo we gotta play cool I've been searching all my life. Its not much but I really want at least a little rapping part. It wouldn't hurt anyone right? I heard the loudest, yet the cutest laugh ever and I knew that was Amber. I looked up and I saw that she was laughing with another girl. I felt a weird churning thing in my stomach. I've never felt this.. I'll just choose to ignore it and pay attention. During the lesson on Greek theatre, I kept hearing her laugh that sounded very melodic. I couldn't help but smile. I looked up at her and my breathe hitched. She was looking at me already. And I felt funny. I liked it.
@AnnahiZaragoza every time she puts up the lyrics I start to sing the song
Then it's working! :)) because you're such a great writer.
I listen to it when I need inspiration xD
Am I the only one that listens to this song while reading? lol
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