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okay My fellow BABYz.!!!! Our boys are making a comeback.!!!! OMG. I'm freaking out right now.!!!!!!!!!! Next month.!!! November. My babies are gonna make a comeback.!!!! after almost a full year of being on a hiatus.!!! they're gonna make a comeback.!!!!!!!!! my heart is literally jumping out of my chest.!!!! I know we don't like it that they're with TS but we decided to trust our boys, didn't we.?? Well either way I'm 10000000% supporting them.!! OMG what if they get a V app account OMG yes. that would be perfect.!!!!! #BAPisback #BAPiscomingsoon #BAPforever
MY BOYS.!!!!! I'm so excited.!!! Next month needs to get here.!!! This month barely started too (╥﹏╥) it doesn't matter if the comeback is big or small.!! as long as I get too see them.!!!!
2015 best year ever. BIGBANG BTS and BAP. RIP me i won't make it, i don't think my heart can take anymore fangirling but I'm so so happy that BAP is back.
OMG I know what you mean.!!!!!! @JessicaChaney I'm just so happy BAP is coming back to their original place in the hallyu wave.!! I missed them so much. @CloverShadows
I literally could not go to sleep last night. just because I was so excited.!!!!!! @StephanieDuong
@YeseniaLira haha. I wanted to start screaming and crying hysterically but my roommate was still sleeping!! haha. So I literally walked out of my room and started fangirling in the laundry room. xD
I know!!!! my heart literally went flying out of my chest.!!! it was beating so fast!!! I couldn't scream out since my parents were sleeping!!! @StephanieDuong
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