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This is 'flower boy next door' live recap for ep 13. It airs 11PM on February 18th. See you then ~^.^ Here is Vietnamese live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/110069 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's start!!!!!! KK is dancing with Panda costume play for event to DM. On DM's door, there is written on 'I will kill you' We don't know who wrote this. JL's coworker : I put the milk with a message that 'why don't you watch the webtoon ' Flower boy next door'? JL: Are you crazy? JL gets angry that JL's bother do act without his allow. Everyone is surprised that the phrase on the DM's door. KK and JL are searching for who is the crimer. KK asks for security person that open DM's door.. In DM's house. There is no one there..... After watching JL's webtoon, DM maybe feel guilty about JL'mind... At that time, DH appears. JL doubts that DH is crrimer of this crime.. DH: I'm not that rabbish...i was disappointed that DM said to me that you are enoguth to stay with my highschool days. Anyway JL's coworker finds out the real crimer. The crimer is big fan of KK. The big fan cries out that you have to go back Spain to dreams come true that make his real animation. KK gets angry about her acting. But DM doesn't care about it. When she was a high school student, she got these things many time... she said that she is used to this. DM: With this two bags, we can clean this perfectly. KK console her about this. DH is crying that JL doubts her. When JL's coworoker comes DH's offcie to console, her friends have told that she loves JL long time ago. DM visits JL. DM: i read your webtoon...i'm sorry... JL: You don't have to care about this...you're not the rafonzel of this webtoon... DM: i know...i'm not that bright ...i'm glommy.. JL and DM understand their real mind... In front of JL's house, KK is waiting for her.. He suggest that why don't we go to the zoo? JL's coworker gets angry because he realizes that JL is the son of big company... JL's coworker : There are so much time that you can tell me the truth..but you lied me... JL tells the truthful story in his mind. JL:I disown my family..I know my family is really rich..but they abondon me...and i also abandon me...but i don't want to finish the relationship with you. JL is reconcilated with JL's coworker. In the zoo, KK is pleased that he watches animals but there is no elephants... KK : When i was a younger in Spain, i visited the zoo with my mother. but suddenly a grandmother came up and then she says 'Get out of here you monkeys...!!!' and then my mother consoles me that she is just sick so please understand her.. But after this accidnet, there is still similar accidents like racial discrimination KK tells deep story in his mind. DM : I feel the same way when i was young..i thought all the things is because of me like fighting between parents..and outcasting me from others...i thought all the things was because of me... so i don't know how to love others and how to get love from others.... KK: Then we just get love from me ! They have a sweet date ^.^ buying couple T-shirts for her and hanging around the street. JL;s coworker...do you know that he owed money from the director of webtoon. She calls to him... (Maybe i think she likes him..am i right?) On the date, they talked about kk's dream. DM: i think you'd better go back to Spain...for your dream... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish^.^ Wow let's see what happens tomorrow Keep following me hehehehehe
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