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Are they busy or something?? no crowd on Oppa's arrival :( ..Look!!! if I were there, i'd be so freeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I could just swoop in and hug him!
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Yes why secret? Does anyone know his return date and flight number?
Ajhussi si not with Minho again....maybe he wants to enjoy ur country @wondergirl and @christyli98...and flew in early
Maybe he took a vacation to rest up for the next time he's with LMH ;)
ohmy! Is there really no one is=n his arrivl? So shocking. I think it's the fir=st time that no one is cheering him on his arrival. So sad. :( Yea @ameliasantos10 I just want to hug him..
=( it's not fair, Lee Min Ho oppa deserves all the love of universe =(