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I was tagged by an awesome person (@danidee) so thank you for that! ^^ Well my costume was like the day of the dead type of thing. It was cool and my mother did the make-up :D p.s: Sorry for my face hahaha I was tired after all the walking with my sister, our three friends, and I so yeah ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
I'm so Mexican hahaha I love my heritage!!! It's awesome and delicious because of the food! :) But if I did learn anything that day, is that coincidences in life sure can have perfect timing.
I'll share this story because I believe that it can maybe change someone's life for good (in a good way of course). On Halloween last year, while the 5 of us were walking around, we found a little boy wandering on the street. He looked about 2-3 years old and we just happened to see him and we were questioning each other like "Who's that little boy?" or "Where's the little boy's parents?". It was very strange to see a young boy all alone walking towards us*. We walked up to the boy and he was scared and was about to cry because he couldn't find his mom. It was literally heart-breaking and so we decided to call the police because that was the right thing to do. Out of nowhere, we heard yelling, I was on the phone talking with the police officer, and it was the parents. The mom was yelling in agony because she was scared that she couldn't find her son. Luckily, we didn't move from the spot we had found the boy so the parents came running towards us and took the child into their home. I then told the office that the parents arrived and she said "Okay well thank you for communicating with us" so after she said that, I hung up (of course I have manners so I said you're welcome and have a good night). Honestly, we were happy that the parents showed up. We felt relieved and a little bit sad because of how the little boy called out for his mother. That night, changed us in a way. We came to realize that if you don't pay close attention to your child (if you plan to have one or if you do have one), things like my story can happen. But if we would've taken another route, what would've happened to that child? We didn't want to think about it but the question remained there. Even now when we remember this story, we are really grateful for having the chance to bring that child back to his home.
*this may sound a little messed up but at first we were scared because we thought he was Chuky. The car's light have the little boy some type of effect so he wasn't approachable at first.
Yes, and sorry for the story hahah I just had to tell it but if anything, Halloween was awesome last year. That's my picture from last year so I hope I did well (excluding my story) xD
I like your costume, @raquelarredondo!!!! haha and if i saw a kid that looked like chucky, i would have lost my cool SO FAST. Do you have any costume ideas for this Halloween????
@alywoah hahah I'm cheap but creative so if I can be creative, I believe you'll surpass my ideas ^^
I am curious too!!! haha. I am not that creative. Last year I was Waldo from Where's Waldo. I just put a few things together. I was also a Barbie. We'll see what this year's budget and creativity allows haha
I have no idea yet, either! But the past few years I've just been putting things together. I want to do something original. I haven't bought a costume in a long time. @RaquelArredondo
That IS scary. Where my family lives in Saltillo is nice, but the other side of the city is scary stuff.
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