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Seriously, I'm crazy about the guys who have curly hair. Speaking of this style, it is so perfectly my type that I just look around to find this sexy curly boy. It looks like baby or puppy. Just staring, keep me smile <3
And now, I'm fascinated by this kinds of manbun style! For me, It's more masculine. Just previous my date partner, he was a manbun guy. His hair was much more shining than mine. I could brush his hair off to ear. I could see him through his fluttering hair. I could tie his hair up. I liked his hair.
In the past, I thought that long hair and pony tail are only for girl. However, It isn't girl's style. Guys are matched as well. Sometimes guys are more suit in lovely bun hair! They can show their delicate masculinity such as the sexy artist who focus on his work awfully!! Plz show me stunning manbun!!
I have curly hair that I was thinking about growing out, but so much of my family said it was a bad idea. After reading this, I realized my hair is perfect for a man bun (after growing a few more months). Plus I might like the look. So, thank you!
@ShinigamiSan Yes of course! Curly hair also could be hotttt! People might always like your hair rather than boring short cut style!