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The final quarter of 2015 has started, and for this quarter I'm going to be the moderator ^^
I first of all want to thank the previous moderator @jiggzy19 for the amazing job she did as moderator last quarter!!!!
I'll be working with my awesome staff
to make this final quarter of 2015 an amazing one
If you have any suggestions, question, or just want to talk, feel free to message me or the other staff members at any point!!! ^^
For any who don't know them, here are the guidelines for our community :D
(Thanks to @jiggzy19 for writing these out last quarter)
Here are just a few simple guidelines to keep our community running smoothly :D

1. The Three "Be"s

Be Responsible, Be Respectable, Be Nice
Vingle is about sharing things that you love with others, sometimes you might not like what someone else shares, if this is the case, please don't be mean. Having an opinion is fine :) but sharing your opinion with the purpose of being mean or rude, is never okay, if you have a problem with something someone has said or shared
(eg. irrelevant to the community, or offensive/inappropriate) talk to me or one of the staff about it K!? We'll be the ones to deal with it ^^

2. Posting cards

Not everyone in our community is here to post cards, but for those of us who do...
Please try not to post things that have already been posted multiple times, of course this is going to happen at times on accident, but if you know something has already been posted like 10 times already, maybe choose something else to share.
There are young eyes and ears in our community, so if you are going to post something that is not quite appropriate for younger viewers, make sure you put a warning on it please :)
If something doesn't belong to you remember to credit it's owners when you share it :)
(Example at the bottom of this card)


We're very proud of the fact that we are a fanwar free community, and I intend to keep it this way!
Any bashing of idols or fandoms, putting down of others for who and what they like, and any other forms of fanwar will not be tolerated, if you see someone violating this, please notify one of us staff members :) (Spread love not hate ^^)

4.Share the Love

Remember that if you like something posted here, you can clip it and like it as well as comment on it if you wish. All these things are very motivating and encouraging to those who do post, not to mention a really nice comment does wonders for the ego XD
With all that said lets have a great quarter everybody^^
credit to the owners of these photos and gifs (I do not own them)
Thanks for reading :D
A reason why I love vingle so much is the lack of fan war drama. Congrats on being moderator!
yayyy welcome again @MattK95
@baileykayleen thank you ^^
@RobertMarsh thank you!!! I really appreciate that :)
congratulations on the position @MattK95 and a heart felt Thank you to @jiggzy19 for all your hard work with the community last quarter
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