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Attention! Update on LA Fan Meet: *NEW UPDATE* Toyota LA Fan Meeting: Hello Minoz! I would like to share this very important email reply from the sponsor. Please read this carefully as it contains important information. The following message is an email response from a previous email that I sent to them: There have been 250 email invites that have been sent out through random selection through out system. The winners have been chosen through their participation of the NIF game. The eprize list that some have pulled out of the internet is UN-authorized. We are looking into the source. Many on the list would not have been selected and only those who have received the email invite are selected. Thus the verification process. Due to legal reasons, only residents of the48 contiguous states of United States are eligible to be attendees and all attendees (including guests) must be 18 years of age or older. Those who have been selected but are from overseas have been selected, but unfortunately as the rules and regulations of the NIF game states only those who meet the aforementioned criteria above are eligible to receive the ticket prize. During the event we will need verification that the attendee and guest are indeed resident of the 48 states (Drivers license and ID) would be requested. Best Regards, NIF Staff In other words, this means that Minoz from overseas will not be given tickets for the event because you will need to have US resident ID (driver's license, US passport, etc.) to show proof of your residency within USA. cr to Lee Min Ho's World Source:
For those of you wondering if were still able to enter to win a chance to meet him, unfortunately the contest ended Dec 19 ,2012 :(. The winners are already picked >_<
i am really missing him
when will he arrive at the lax airport and what terminl ?? lol. i live riqht next to the airport <3
Wow... Finally!!! Tell us how we can get in and meet him.
Do we have to purchase tickets to attend?
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