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Coincidence or the ultimate breakup revenge? Taylor Swift was photographed on the set of her new music video shoot for her track "22" on Tuesday, Feb. 12 dressed up like her ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles. The 23-year-old country singer split with the 19-year-old One Direction band member in early January after a few months of dating. Swift, who's famous for singing about her breakups, wore a baggy white sweater and green beanie while filming in L.A. -- a look that her ex has previously styled. cr:usm
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they're not similar
5 years ago·Reply
no theyre not
5 years ago·Reply
just taylor, trying to slam harry
5 years ago·Reply
She's too much sometimes haha poor harry
4 years ago·Reply
@nokcha i just can't take it when she gets all sarcastic about her break up!~
4 years ago·Reply