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I would like to thank @B1A4BTS5ever for creating this challenge (even though I didn't notice it till yesterday) and the internet for giving me easy access to all of my favorite Big Bang T.O.P outfits. Anywho, with T.O.P oppa being such an extravagant person I can't just choose one outfit or one theme with him so I have a list of different outfits this man has blessed the world with.

First up:


Yeah I know.....awesome right.
But I really do love all of 오빠은 outfits from this mv. *squeal*

Next is:

Wow Fantastic Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously who doesn't love saying that. But anywho, this is one of my top 10 BigBang songs as well as some of my most favorite outfits worn by my T.O.P 오빠

Next is:

Bad Bay

I know this outfit may not seem as big or as flashy as the others I've shown so far but that skull is killer.
This is also one of my top 10 BigBang songs too v^^v

Next is:

MADE series M
Honestly though 오빠은 outfit in Bae Bae was AWESOME!!!!!!
MADE series A
How can I forget the cowboy outfit or the astronaut suit 오빠은 wore in BangBangBang.
FYI my favorite part of the cowboy outfit is the hat and the MADE leather jacket that 오빠은 wore.
MADE series D
T.O.P looks super dapper (whoever uses that word anymore) and handsome in his blue suit from the Sober (맨정신) mv.
MADE series E
And how can I forget the E series completely went from all sweet looking to vacation mode to sweat suit dancer to nice gray suit in 쩔어 (Zutter)
So these are all of the outfits of T.O.P oppa i like. Hope you enjoyed them.
bae bae's being bae!!
i love it :[]