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I'm going to need emotional support for this comeback next month. B.A.P is my bias group, BABY is my first official fanclub I joined. I am going to have a mental breakdown (CL). Where are BABYS?! I need a shoulder to cry on.
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the come back is next month?omg I'm so excited!
AHHHHH!!! Us babys have been waiting for almost a year now and have been with them throughout this crazy journey. I cannot wait to aee what they have in store!
Fangirling right now. I'm laughing and squealing like a maniac
My brother was giving me weird looks while I was fangirling
For a while there it seemed like VIP and BABY were the same. Just sitting and waiting for them to have their comebacks. I'm so happy things are settled and I'm ready for them to be back in the industry XD