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I will defeat you 私はあなたを打ち負かします Watashi wa anata o uchi makashimasu
but we dont know if Natsu knows about that due to whatever is under those bandadges on his left arm which could be the mark of a devil slayer like Gray has on his left arm
though to be honest it will probably come down to gray vs natsu because natsu is E.N.D.
No, its a quote of Grey's that he has said but I wanted to use an updated color photo but this the only one he did look like this when he stopped the organization of zeref worshipers but only as a troll to reveal that he was still Fairy Tail
No this was when he infiltrated an organization that worshiped zeref to find info and stop them during the year time skip and still trained
when i was reading that chapter then got to the picture of gray my heart jumped i got scared ._. but gray looking good and kinda like his father
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