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This was supposed to be published weeks ago, but I guess it didn't post so here is part 2 of the Sehun fanfic! If you haven't read the first part, here it is! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Miki rubbed her eyes as she woke up. She looked up and saw that she was in an unfamiliar place. She was on a bed that had blue covers and pretty huge for her small figure. She took in the the pastel colored walls and the black curtains that matched it. The room was clean and spacy with a flat screen TV and a computer to the left of it. She returned to her senses when she heard footsteps and ran in the walk in closet and hid there. smelling whosever clothes these belonged to, and they smelled good. She heard the door open and soon some shuffling, the kidnapper was probably looking for her. She looked for anything that she could use and saw boxing mitts. She took a few boxing lessons so she knows a little on what she's doing. She put them on and took a stance waiting for the kidnapper to get closer as she heard the footsteps coming closer and closer. It was as if time slowed down. The door opened slowly and she did an uppercut in the stomach, and then to the face. He fell backwards looking at her with wide eyes. The girl he defended just beat him up. Miki looked at him shocked. Now able to see his face she felt a wave of guiltiness pass through her as she rushed towards him. "Yah! What was that for!?" Sehun said as he helled his chin. "Well, if you didn't kidnap me, then I wouldn't have become paranoid and probably attack you." Miki said. "So its my fault?" Sehun said as he rolled his eyes. "Yes." was all Miki said as she inspected a fumbling Sehun. She went out of the room towards a door that she took as the bathroom and opened a little door that had rags and wet one. "You know my restroom very well huh?" Sehun said as he tried to smile but only resulted in it hurting him some more. Miki took notice of this and laughed at the pouting Sehun. Sehun then thought of something to make her stop laughing. He grabbed her by the waist and pushed her towards him a little too fast, and they were both on the bed with Miki on top of him. Miki not knowing what to do stayed frozen. She was not expecting that. Sehun chuckled as he saw how Miki was just frozen there. However, soon he stared at his lips that looked very inviting. He took no Time in wasting on pulling her up just right and latched his lips onto hers. Mikis' eyes went wider as she tried pushing him away but Sehuns strong grip would not, will not allow it. Miki gave up and kissed him back. Sehun was happy. The girl of his dreams, the girl he has had feelings for ever since she stood up for him in kindergarden is now in his arms. She is now his. @Mikim000 @CrystalBlunt
thank you so.much i loved both of them
@KaeliShearer Nope, there were only two chapters.
is there gonna be more? 😱