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dn't take it the wrong way guys i love MonstaX and Sistar and all the other groups from Starship Entertainment...but for realz tho.... where is the love for UNIQ!!!!!
so i think that it is up to us to help them get more recognition because they deserve it....
Zhou Yi Xuan is to me the swagger, the pimp of the group.
Kim Sung Joo!!! oh gosh if you here this guy's voice he will automatically melt your heart!!!
Li Wen Han is my bias of the group. And do i really need to say more. He's cute, he can sing, and he can pull off any hair style!!!
Cho Seung Yeon. he isn't the Maknae like i though he was when i first discovered them. but who can blame me...i mean really how can you possibly be mad when he has a face like this!!!
and last but certainly not least... Wong Yi Bo. this guy is the real deal. i mean i've seen him rap, dance, and do aegyeo!!!
here is some of the songs that made me fall for these guys...ENJOY and UNITE!!!
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@SHINee808 I have NO clue but I am certain there will be plenty of people that will.
@SHINee808 I asked one of our fellow Vingle ladies and she said most people just follow them to the hotel/airport. Which I personally think is a bit much.
@SHINee808 I can't believe I forgot. You won't believe this but one of the movies you could pick to watch on my flight was Tazza!
@TIgerlily84 really!!!! yeah the whole following them to the hotel and aiirport is a bit much. i gotta work the next day so i aint trying to do that... all i really want to do is give them some snacks from hawaii that they wouldn't be able to get in korea and hopefully get at leat Taeyang to sign my a girl can dream right
@SHINee808 awww that is sweet! Hawaii does have great snacks. lol