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What was the 1st anime you watched? It was Pokemon at the time I was 4 and I didn't know what anime was or that Pokemon is anime.
First anime or manga you finished? The one I remember is Ouran Highschool Host Club
Favorite Anime Lady? Rukia Kuchiki
Favorite Anime Guy? Piccolo
Anime you are currently watching? Bleach
Rules you have to answer these 5 questions and tag people you think would like to do it. @poojas @kmeier230 @YunYuiCheng
First Anime I watched? Honestly I was really little but Sailor Moon. And I only remember that cause my little mind was so enthralled in the transformation sequence into their Sailor form(?) lmfao The first one I actually finished all the way through was perhaps Death Note. It was the first one I want out of my way just to binge watch. Although I was already heavily into other anime and manga. Favorite Anime lady? That would be Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki. She's the waifu. Favorite Anime guy? Psst for me it's L. Anime I'm currently watching? Well I'm too lazy to make a list here but currently trying to finish Hunter x Hunter. I would tag someone but I don't have friends.
inuyasha was my first
I shall do this challenge soon! :)
let me get out of work and I will do it hahaba
@RosePark Of course!!!
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