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Hello. This is my first card. As you can tell obviously. Well anyways, I will be posting a lot of Gumi, and some other things that interest me. Basically a lot of Anime.
Uh I should probably tell you how I got into Anime. Well, no one influenced me... well told me about it. But I had this very popular roleplay account on Instagram (had it for a year before they took it down because of inappropriate pictures mind you though that there was only Anime pictures). One day I decided to go through my news feed and I came across this picture. I didn't know where it was from but it influenced me so much. I commented and asked the person who posted it what the show was called. They told me about how it was an Anime called Date A Live. I didn't know what Anime was so I asked and they told me that it was basically Japanese cartoons. (keep in mind that this was about 2 years ago and that I can't remember clearly) So I looked up Date A Live. I was so intrigued that I watched it. All in one night. Yep, i didn't get much sleep. Ha-ha. Well anyways so I finished the Anime. I cried so hard because it was such a beautiful masterpiece. After that I continued watching Anime. From Future Diaries - Fairy Tail - Attack On Titan - Death Note - Magi - Naruto. There are more that I've watched just small not so popular ones. But after I watched Date A Live. I kinda knew that I'd fall in love with what people called Anime. So that leads up to now where I still watch Anime but I try to influence people to watch it. Currently I have influenced 3 people. I am so proud that j could be apart of this community. Also I will most likely be going to Comicon next year. I'm so excited. So that concludes my first time watching Anime. Ha-ha. If you have any questions please ask in the comments I'll try to answer you back.
@RosePark Yep the theme song is my ringtone. Like I have so many pictures on my phone of Tokyo Ghoul and Kaneki
@RosePark No even though it was the first that I've watched I cant say that it's my favourite. Tokyo Ghoul is my favourite and I seriously cannot wait until next year for Season 3.
@poojas Arigato!~
Welcome to Vingle! And I am so so glad you've joined us! Can't wait to see more cards from you! ^^
@rainbowdemon12 Welcome to the club T.T I just cant enough of Tokyo Ghoul...especially the soundtrack (Anime Music fanatic here)
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