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Okay so i wanted to know how you make communities because I saw that A6P doesn't have a community on here. So do the bands themselves make a community on here or do their fans make one for them?
Hey look we actually get to see Ado's face!!!!....................
..............................Nope never mind he wont show it, not even video if its a surprise.
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@Marilovexoxo yep he sure is. No fair Ado >.<
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I want a community for A Sick Pea too lol jk A6P. they r so adorable. I like all of them, its so hard to choose a bias amongst them. But im kinda leaning towards JellyP and Yaho
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He needs to show his face. bc I be like show me yo face. if he does hopefully I don't die.
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@KathyCrew I think you can request it here! http://www.vingle.net/posts/8431?shsrc=v
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Even though I haven't seen his whole face I'm leaning towards Ado as my bias.
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