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{Otakutober} My Gif Life As A Otaku Results

I got tagged to do this awesome challenge for Otakutober, thanks @VinMcCarthy! Rules: 1. Use five GIFS to answer following questions and ONLY five! 2. Put {Otakutober} or {OO} in title to make it easy to find. 3. Tag friends! 4. Please post by next Friday, October 9.
What was the first anime you watched? Akira! Love this movie by the way.
What was the first anime/manga you finished? Inuyasha.....
Who is your favorite anime lady? Android 18 of DragonBall Z.
Who is your favorite anime man? Zoro of One Piece.
What anime are you currently watching? Fairy Tail, not too far into it yet though.
All done! So let's see, sorry if I tag you for a second time @shannonl5 @ButterflyBlu @ninachan @IzzyPanda @poojas @danidee @kpopandkimchi @buddyesd
Omg, I'll have to do this. Also I haven't seen ANY of these animes, so thank you so much for a list of recommendations!! ^_^
@danidee Ooh tag me in your when you've finished. ^^
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