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An Otaku's Diary #2
Hello there! Usa-chan man here, aka usa-chan. And yes, I will be always putting that sheep as the first picture. I found it on the Internet and just liked it right away. So credits to whoever made it! Seriously. If you made it, please tell me so I can give you credit. Speaking of manga, you know how it's like to read one during school hours? Talk about awkward, right?
One day I was casually reading a manga on my phone and then I got a notification saying that another manga that I've been waiting for has update. My face was exactly like his up there, and then my friend came over... Her face said it all. "What the?"
Honestly, I tried explaining but I eventually gave up. It's so difficult explaining your excitement on an update manga or anime.
So after I got home, I just sat lay down on my bed and read a ton of manga. Like Levi with cats up there. Except I'm not Levi nor do I have cats. Pretend I'm him and the cats are the multiple manga that I was reading. Yeah, let's go with that...
So that about wraps it. That was such a major awkwardness between an Otaku and a normal human... 'Till then! Yours truly, ~usa-chan man

*Bonus: Have you had an awkward moment with your friend(s) when it comes to reading manga in school?

**School Edition- #3 is up!**
When I was reading manga in high school, people always asked why I was reading cartoons backwards...LMAO. And I LOVE the sheep picture and the Levi with cats picture! Please keep writing your Otaku Diary. It's awesome!
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@poojas Oh my gosh! That made my day! I can't believe they actually said that! (≧∇≦) And I love them too! Don't worry, I plan to. I'm currently working on School Edition first, then moving on to a new edition... Thank you for your support! (^з^)
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