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As the title says, is it good or bad to have fan service in anime? Is there such a thing as" Too Much" fan service in anime?
I think fan service in any fandom can be good or bad depending on how well it's done. I think it happens a lot in some genres of anime and it's awesome when done creatively. But when it's too far, it might be a bit mehh. I'd like to hear more opinions on this topic from @RosePark @SunnyV @NerukaWong @littlemaryk @RaquelArredondo and @VinMcCarthy Thanks for bringing up such a good topic @BrandonHenderoso!
There's definitely a point where it can feel alienating. Just because it's called "fan service" doesn't mean it's for all fans, and sometimes the demographic they're targeting with it isn't the only group watching. So then if there's a lot of it like @hikaymm @poojas @AshelyJewell @RaquelArredondo and @TeariaErida and it starts to be more important than the plot it can feel uncomfortable. There's ways to do it without being alienating, but I don't think that's always on the creator's minds
It depends on what anime and how much, unnecessary fan service really annoys me and is pointless
There is a boundary between too much and too little most animes can get it just right but some go a little overboard
too much is definitely bad.
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