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Fan service:"Is it good or bad?"
As the title says, is it good or bad to have fan service in anime? Is there such a thing as" Too Much" fan service in anime?
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Love it, it's great. It brings comedic relief every now and then. Plus it's one of those things that's equal because it's not just aimed towards men, we have anime like Free! with action for the ladies or anyone interested in hot dudes lol
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Depends but most of the time it's not creative and goes overboard. I'm looking at you " Fairy Tail ".
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There's no such thing as "too much fan service" the fact that there are so many different kinds of anime that not all of them rely on it makes it okay some lean on more so than others but all in all it comes down to your own personal preferences
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Both. When it is done with taste and adds to the story it's great. In some situations it can make the impact of what is happening to a character more powerful. In high school dxd Asia being stripped by the priest makes you hate him that much more. In some shows its there and OK but wouldn't be missed that if it was toned down a little (freezing). However in my opinion sekirei was a bit much and didn't add to the story. Even though it's a decent anime with a good story, strong characters and make want to see them succeed. It made me feel that the anime was shallow for using that tactic to keep people watching when it was already going to keep your attention. I'm not saying get rid of it but turn it down a notch. High School dxd is about the border I will enjoy, season three while not as much, injected it when it didn't feel right when it did.
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