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Original versions of Wait for Me and Climax vs debut concert version. I cried more than I'd like to admit throughout the entire debut concert video, especially when hanbin was talking during Climax. Ikon, I waited for you for two years and I'm glad that you're finally able to live out your dreams as artists. Fighting! Mini rant: I'm one of the people who has stuck with Ikon since they were just team b and I've sort of grown an emotional attachment to them over the years. I know that their debut was a bit underwhelming to many people, but I think that those people are forgetting that Ikon is just a rookie group and although there was a ton of hype about them we can't expect them to already be on the level of big bang. personally, I really liked their debut songs, so seeing comments about how they're inferior to some other rookie groups makes me a bit mad. They're rookies, it doesn't matter if they came from a large company or not. They've only just began their career as artists and they still have room to experiment and find a concept that works both for them and the public. Give them time. Sorry. I just had to get that off of my chest.
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@JustinaNguyen What a good message. I feel like sometimes I get so sucked into the big groups of Kpop that I forget that there are amazing groups out there that aren't a giant hit right now. I just tend to compare the to the other big groups.