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@danidee tagged me to do the modern day mixtape challenge and... I apologize.
I'm putting 2 songs here because fuck the police.
Five Colours In Her Hair:
Not only is this song super catchy, it was also totally relatable to 16-18 year old me. Like, I wanted to be "The Weirdo With Five Colours In Her Hair." She just seemed like she had it all going on... Oh dear god... I had all of these galaxy colors in my hair and shaved them off... "She shaved Five Colours off and now... She's just a weirdo with no name."
Party Girl:
"She said she likes to dance all by herself cos she's a Party Girl, She don't care for nobody else, she's in her own world. I love this little Party Girl" This was my favorite song in high school. My friend and I even had nicknames from McFly songs, I was Party Girl and she was The Weirdo With Five Colours In Her Hair.
Jedward - Everyday Superstar/ TVXQ Superstar
Confession time! I still have my Jedward CDs and poster. They were so cool to me when I was in high school and I fangirled so hard when TVXQ covered Everyday Superstar.
John Barrowman - What About Us?
I love everything about this song! First, John Barowman has an amazing voice! Second, I love the video! and Third, I am in love with these lyrics!
Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag
Judge me all you want, but this song is hella cute and I love it. It's also easy to memorize and sing along to.
Ben Folds - Still Fighting It
Just Listen!
"Everybody knows it hurts to grow up, but everybody does."
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@Taijiotter I'm glad I get to be 80% of the word Jedward.
@ButterflyBlu and for that, we must thank the Face Of Boe.
@danidee That means all of the pressure will be on you. Lol.
As it always is @Taijiotter T_T
@danidee think of how emotional your cover of their cover of Under Pressure and Ice Ice Baby will be though.